Since 2009 Estonian Baseball and Softball Federation has been organizing Estonian Baseball Championships with Kiili Panthers as the third time winners (though they used the name Baseball club Tallinn in the first year). In the first two years, the championship were held between 3 teams - in addition to Kiili Panthers Sox Baseball (with the name Hummer at first) and Keila Pitbulls also competed. In 2011 two new teams entered the competition - Kostivere Amigos and Tallinn Baseball Club.

In the winter of 2011, the first annual Tallinn Cup was held in a indoor hall. There was 4 clubs participating - Kiili Panthers, Sox Baseball, Keila Pitbulls and Tallinn Baseball Club. In a very even finals the title went to Keila Pitbulls.

Young players (6-10 years old) have their own Estonian T-Ball championship, that was also started in 2011. Two teams participated - Kiili Panthers under the guidance of Tauno Koppel and Keila Baseball Club under the guidance of Jaanus Väljamäe. Panthers took 4 wins and the title.

Kiili Panthers have also been participating in the Finnish League since 2010. The team got the third place in both 2010 and 2011.